Award Winning Research: Class E/F Amplifiers for driving therapeutic ultrasound transducers

Hugo Vihvelin, a Masters of Biomedical Engineer student with Dalhousie University, has been nationally recognized for outstanding innovation during his MITACS funded internship with with Daxsonics Ultrasound.

The project involves the development of a power amplifier for driving therapeutic ultrasound transducers such as those used in non-invasive surgeries and cancer treatments. The design makes use of a unconventional amplifier topology, class E/F, and advanced GaN FET technology in order to maximize amplifier efficiency. High efficiency amplifiers are important to reduce the number of fans and heat sinks needed in the ultrasound systems, allowing them to be cooler, lighter, lower cost, and more portable. 

MITACS Award Information:
University: Dalhousie University
Intern: Hugo Vihvelin
Faculty Supervisor: Geoff Maksym
Partner: Daxsonics Ultrasound Inc.
Sector: Advanced manufacturing
Discipline: Engineering - biomedical
Program: Accelerate