We partner with industry leaders to bring breakthrough imaging innovation to everything they do.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia we provide innovative solutions for challenging problems for clients from every corner of the globe. Our areas of expertise include all aspects of high-frequency ultrasonic imaging technology, digital and analog hardware design, piezoelectric transducer design and production, and medical imaging software design and development. 

Our innovative staff offer a strong background in research and development with the results driven experience to back their expertise. We are fully capable of designing and building equipment that has the potential to change lives. 

Our Team


Dr. Jeremy Brown


Education: Ph.D. Physics, Queen's University; B.Sc.Eng. Engineering Physics, Queen's University

Area of Specialization: Global expert on high-resolution ultrasound imaging and ultrasonic histotripsy.

Dr. Robert Adamson


Education: Ph.D. Applied Physics, University of Toronto; B.Sc.Eng. Engineering Physics, Queen's University

Area of Specialization: Fiber-optic technologies.Expert on analog design and signal processing.

Jeff Leadbetter


Education: M.Eng Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, B.Eng Mechanical Engineering, Dalhousie University

Area of Specialization: Acoustics,  ultrasound systems, technical software development.

Andre Bezanson

Director of Design

Education: B. Eng Mechanical Engineering, Dalhousie University

Area of Specialization: Ultrasonic beamformer design and endoscopic array technology.



Glen Farrell

Director of Quality

Education: B.Tech Manufacturing, BCIT, Six Sigma Green Belt, American Society for Quality


Area of Specialization: Expert experience with 20+ years in medical QMS and FDA regulatory processes.

Miranda Little

Corporate Service Manager

Education: Office Administration Certificate, NSCC; Information Security, Canadian Bank of Commerce


Area of Specialization: Finance, Administration, Project Support, and Records Management.

Dr. Deyasini Majumdar

Senior FPGA Designer

Education: M.Sc, Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Calgary; B.Eng of Electrical Engineering, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla

Area of Specialization: High speed FPGA communications and high-frequency ultrasonic beamformers.

Dr. Yaoyao Zhang

Senior Transducers Designer

Education: Ph.D. Materials Science, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics; B.Sc Materials Engineering, Jilin University; B.Sc Computer Technology, Jilin University

Area of Specialization: Piezoelectric materials, transducer production, and microfabrication technology.


Daniel Zaenker

RF Electrical Designer

Education: B.Eng Electrical Engineering, Memorial University; Aircraft Radar & Radio Technician, German Airforce 

Area of Specialization: RF design, EMC/EMI, and power amplification.

Irina Dakova

Electrical Designer

Education:  M.Eng Electronics, Technical University, Sofia; B.Eng Electronics, Technical University, Sofia

Area of Specialization: PCBA layout and electronics manufacturing.

Jeff Bethune

Junior Electrical Designer

Education: B.Eng Electrical, Dalhousie University; B.Sc Biology, Mount Allison University

Area of Specialization: PCBA design, microfabrication processes.  

Hugo Vihvelin

Electrical Designer

Education: M.Sc Biomedical Engineering, Dalhousie University; B.Eng Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, Carleton University

Area of Specialization: Integrated analog and digital, high efficiency RF amplification.


Kevin Anderson, P. Eng

Senior Software Engineer

Education: B.Sc Computer Engineering, University Of Calgary

Area of Specialization: Software Security & Architecture, high-reliability software development.


Nicholas Campbell

Electrical EIT

Education: B.Eng Electrical Engineering, Dalhousie University

Area of Specialization: Digital electronics

Andrea Felling

Mechanical EIT

Education: M.A.Sc Mechanical Engineering, B. Eng Mechanical, Dalhousie University

Area of Specialization: Mechanical Design of Ultrasonic Equipment